Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Days before Christmas and I can't believe I am not Stressed at ALL, not a bit!!!!
Only wish is that Azzy, JR and Connor could be here with all of us. First Christmas in
28 years without my sister. But we are patiently awaiting her arrival in about a week....
Life is pretty good and I don't want my luck to change now so, I am just happy to have what I have, I am blessed to be loved by those I love, I am beyond grateful for my WONDERFUL Family, and Of course any and everyday with my Landon is a miracle to me. hope the best for all of you this time of year and or any!!!

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  1. Everyday with Landon? Even when he is yelling at you for not sharing chocolate or teasing GPA? Dad said he yelled at mom Sunday when she was teasing dad. Oh boy! I love my little Zilla. I really do miss you so, so much... All of you of course. Noone can make me laugh like you though.