Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There is still good..

For those of you who don't know I work at a radio station and we had a toy drive the entire month of December. I seen Grandparents bring in their grandchildren with new toys to donate children in need, because they wanted to show them what Christmas was all about and how it's good to help those inneed and teach them to be grateful for what they have cause there are children out there who get very little and sadly sometimes nothing. The children said to their Grandparents as the were leavin that they would give some of the gifts they get on Christmas morning because no one should be sad.. How wonderful I thought with tears filling my eyes , yes I know I am turning into My Mother, just don't tell her....I have also seen a father and son come in with two bags of toys, when they were getting into their car I noticed it was about a 88' chrysler that was in need of alot of work. Again , my eyes filled with tears and I got really choked up.... It goes to show you You don't need to have much to be able to give and it also shows THERE IS STILL GOOD......

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  1. It's always wonderful when unselfish kindness is displayed. Warms the heart.