Friday, January 23, 2009

"Let Me Clear My Throat""""

Sorry! It sure has been a little while and I know you are all mad cause you have not been able to read my wonderful Ok .. So it's January 23, 2009 and we have a new President, our country is in a financial shit hole, they plan on closing Guantanamo Bay within a year with no plan set in order, and it's freaking cold...... I will support our new President and do believe he will do some good because I am an American. We will see what he does. People want change and guess what, your gonna get it... Bad or Good it's coming... Please have a P.O.A in order before for the Guantanamo Bay "closing" before you state it in a press conference. People of America if you are COMPLAINING about the financial status of our country and not watching your pennies or if you are using the charge cards and not paying them or any of your other debts, guess what we can blame you and AIG. If you don't NEED it go without it for a little. Stop trying to keep up with "the Jones" your not "a Jones" your jonesing!! lol... I wonder if you understand me . I am also going to start a movement " Get your Child of MYSPACE" would you send your kid to Michael Jackson's house... Having your kids in more than questionable photo's, typing like they don't know how to spell and acting like fools and that's not the worse of it, it's worse when these children are friends with their parents and can view pictures of their mommy spinning on a pole and daddy smoking a joint while slapping two trashy girls in the ass. Get them off. It's not for children. Tell them to read a book for an hour.. I am done for now..

PEACE ,, LOVE ,, & HAPPINESS to all......


  1. Oh thank you for the laugh! And of course some good points... Kids on MySpace, eeek. I think our computer will always be in a public room so Bean can't hide what he is doing.

  2. Not sure I understood everything you said but get the basic idea and agree. Much love. :)