Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a Quick Bitch!!

Just a Quick Bitch!!

Ummmm.... Yeah!!!!!! Here it Goes....

Octo - Mom / Angelina Jolie whacked out wannabe / or what ever you want to be called.
Shame on you for being irresponsible, selfish and just plain old DUMB... Shame on your family for not stepping in sooner. CLEARLY this woman is not well, and one of the family members should have noticed this and done something about it before she was A.I.. you all need a slap upside your heads..... Now the hard working people in this country have to pay for you foolishness, if you ask me that idiot Doctor if we can even call him that, should pay for the child support.. Asshole I am glad you think it is a good idea to A.I someone in her position and as a "DOCTOR" you should have known better.. Now Dr. F*c%ing Phil is asking us to support this situation and DONATE... PLEASE!!! Stop pussy footing around, what she did was wrong and if she can't afford to take care of these children she should give them to loving families who can... The answer is not to give this idiot a house and possibly everything else..... Every one complains about Republicans this and that and blah blah blah... How they Keep the Rich, Richer .. Which isn't right but I am more for that than the Democratic bullshit that Keeps the lazy , LAZY!!!!

That's a wrap for me for now!!!

Peace ~ Love and Happiness..

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